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Lincolns War - Politics and Personalities in the War between the States
Lincolns War - Politics and Personalities in...
From MMP: Lincoln’s War reflects the fickle nature of politics and its influence on military policy-making during the American Civil War. Here, the battlefield is an extension of the political arena. Many historical movers and shakers...
€89.00 *
Last Stand - The Battle for Moscow 1941-42
Last Stand - The Battle for Moscow 1941-42
From MMP: In October 1941, the German Army launched Operation Typhoon - the last major German offensive of the year. In an all-out attempt to defeat Russia and end World War Two, the Germans managed to see the spires of the Kremlin as...
€59.00 *
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
From MMP: Three years after the collapse of South Vietnam, General William Westmoreland announced that “militarily we were successful . . . we didn’t lose a single battle above company level.” It was in these intense company- and...
€75.00 *
MMP: Kindom of Heaven
MMP: Kindom of Heaven
In 1097, thousands of lords and knights, soldiers and camp-followers, pilgrims and prophets marched east in response to a Papal appeal, charged with the task of restoring Jerusalem and the Holy Land to Christian control. Their surprising...
€76.00 *