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Dear customers,

lately our shop has been overflowing with new game arrivals! Several games have become available after their successful debut at SPIEL in Essen, such as
Cthulhu - Death May Die; the base game and expansions of which are now available in English. In addition to that, we now sell the new Keyforge Decks: Worlds Collide! Keep an eye on the store and our facebook page to stay up to date on new arrivals. :)

your Gamer's HQ Team
Dear customers,

this week, a selection of new games and game accessories reached us, along with a decent restock of popular products! The new game for Star Wars: Legion "Clone Wars" and the new campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada "
Rebellion in the Rim" arrived as well.

Certainly worth checking in with our store - live or online. We can't wait! :)

your Gamer's HQ Team
Dear customers,

we received for the tactical miniature game "A Song of Fire & Ice" a lot of unit expansions for the factions "Nightwatch", "House Stark" and the "free people". Also the starter sets for the "Nightwatch" and the "Free people" arrived which provides a solid start in the game system world of Eric M. Lang and Michael Shinall.     

In A Song of Fire & Ice two players are in controll of an army of beautifull detailed plastic-miniatures in the fictioius world of novel autor George R.R. Martin. Their goal is to win a scenario by controlling mission objective markers on the battlefield.
Also next to their combat units of 12 miniatures per base for infantry and 4 for cavalry, each player has to use their own specific faction 20 deck of cards as well as their civilian units on the strategy board effectively in order to win.

Here in our webshop you find our complete range of products of A Song of Fire & Ice - Tabletop Game.   


your Gamer's HQ crew
Liebe Kunden,

aktuell können wir euch eine Fülle an Alptraumdecks zu dem Living Card Game "Der Herr der Ringe" anbieten. Neben den Zyklen "Düsterwald", "Zwergenbingen", "Gegen den Schatten" und "Ringmacher", welche wieder komplett bestückt sind, können wir euch nun auch alle Alptraumdecks zu dem Zyklus "Traumjäger" anbieten.

Sucht die Herausforderung und erweitert eure spannenden Spielrunden mit diesen Zusatzkarten! :)

eure Gamer's HQ Ladencrew
Dear Customers,

Today we present to you a mix of new games. For example we have Cat Box, a game for distributing kittens across their much-desired cardboard boxes, Bemused, in which you have to fight for your artists' talent and sanity as one of the classical muses, or Crusader Kings: A board game (modeled after the eponymous video game) in which you have to conquer lands, distribute resources and establish a dynasty - all the while keeping your political, religious and military power.
You're welcome to come by our shop - physical or virtual - during the weekend to explore!

Yours truly,
the Gamer's HQ Team