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East Prussian Carnage - The Tannenberg Campaign 1914
East Prussian Carnage - The Tannenberg Campaign...
From Three Crowns Games: East Prussian Carnage is a two-player game that recreates the stunning German victory over Russia at the beginning of World War One. The Germans must use superior command control, interior lines, and the mobility...
36,00 € *
Stargard Solstice 1945
Stargard Solstice 1945
Ziplock, 2nd Edition
From the Publisher: Design: Stefan Ekström Developer: Paul Shackleton Graphics: Stefan Ekström Stargard Solstice starts with one of the last German offensives of 1945, ‘Operation Solstice’. At the beginning Guderian had planned a pincer...
40,00 € *
Tolling the Bell - Operation Spring Awakening & 3rd Ukraine Front, 1945
Tolling the Bell - Operation Spring Awakening &...
From Three Crowns Game Prod.: "Tolling of the Bell" - Hungary 1945 The game depicts the last German offensive during WWII, ‘Operation Spring Awakening’ and its sub-operations ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘Forrest Devil’. It also includes the start...
42,00 € *
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