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Triumphant Return - The Soviet Liberation of Kiev, November 1943
Triumphant Return - The Soviet Liberation of...
From the Publisher: Their successful offensive during the early autumn of 1943 found the Soviets with several bridgeheads over the Dnepr River. The largest of these, located north of Kiev, erupted on 3 November as infantry and tank units...
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Lodz 1914 - First Blitzkrieg
Lodz 1914 - First Blitzkrieg
From the Publisher: Following their victory at the Battle of Tannenberg, the German generals Mackensen, Hindenburg and Ludendorff devised a plan to rapidly shift 9th Army to northern Poland by railroad. This was Blitzkrieg by rail, and...
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D-Day, the Great Crusade
D-Day, the Great Crusade
From the Publisher: D-DAY—The Great Crusade by designer Danny Holte portrays the invasion of France by Allied forces during World War II. Suitable for solo and team play, the game covers Operation Overlord from June 6th and depicts the...
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