303 Squadron - Kickstarter Edition

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From Draco Ideas: The players take the role of the Polish 303 Squadron pilots and their... mehr
Produktinformationen "303 Squadron - Kickstarter Edition"

From Draco Ideas:

The players take the role of the Polish 303 Squadron pilots and their task will be to stop the Luftwaffe raids.

Each pilot has his own unique ability, that the player must use skillfully.

The game mechanics are based on the battle cards, that can be used in the several ways: during the movement phase, during the dogfight together with the dice, as the tactical support or as the defence against German fighters’ counter strike.

Each game takes the certain number of rounds, during which players must stop Luftwaffe squadrons using tactical maneuvers or combat.

To determine the result of the fight, players will use dedicated dice and the battle cards. The required combination of the symbols from card and dice will allow you to activate the extra card effect. The card played by your wingman will help you to get an additional tactical support.

When all dogfights are finished, German fighters that were not involved in the fight performing the couterattack, by which they proceed to achive their goals defined in the scenario and events.

After the game, the number of points scored is checked. The final result depends on the objectives of the scenario and events, but also on the number of planes shot down and losses suffered by the players.


1 x Map

42 x Deployment (old name was Setup cards)

7 Pilot cards + 2 x additional

51 Combat cards + 14 x additional

5 Scenario cards + 11 x additional

1 x Compendium

4 x Player Boards

4 x Events + 17 x additional (old name was Mission)

32 x Airplane + 13 x additional

21 x Dice

12 x Specialization cards

12 x Specialization tokens (we added them)

3 x Help cards (doublesided in KS version)

25 x Wooden markers (we added a free 5 at the last moment)

51 x Plastic Stands & Bases

16 Damage tokens

6 x German Squadron tokens

11x Target Damage tiles (we changed cards to tokens – they are more practical, old name 10 terrain Damage cards, we add one more)

1 x British Squadron token (doublesided)

8 x Maneuver tokens

8 x Medal tokens

2 x German/British Target tokens

1 x Turn token + 1 additional acrylic

40 x Route and direction tokens

6 x Luftwaffe Aces tokens (we changed cards to tokens – they are more practical)

1 x Bag

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal W13.
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