1995 - Milosevic´s Last Gamble

Procedural Combat Series, with revised Counters

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  • CSL009
From CSL: 1995 is the third iteration of our Procedural Combat Series and it examines a... mehr
Produktinformationen "1995 - Milosevic´s Last Gamble"

From CSL:

1995 is the third iteration of our Procedural Combat Series and it examines a cold war gone hot during the Yugoslavian wars of succession. The combined might of a Serb dominated JNA and a weakened but still potent Russia move on the smaller republics in an attempt to establish A Serb dominated Yugoslavia giving Russia a foothold in NATO’s backyard.

The OOB includes a well researched collection of available divisions and air assets. The Russian OOB is based off the militia which attacked Grozny in 1994. The JNA is accurately represented though assumed to be at full strength. Numerous other Balkan and NATO nations are represented. 1995 focuses more on maneuver and less on chrome as there are no special counters, but lots of units instead.

WEIGHT: 6/10



Design and Counters by Ray Weiss

Development by Matt Ward

Map Art by Sergio Schavi & Ilya Kudriashov


Box Art by Ivan Caceres.

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