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Nemo's War (2nd Version, 2nd Printing)
Nemo's War (2nd Version, 2nd Printing)
EN (englische Version)Solitaire
From the Publisher: Jules Verne's classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea tells the story of Captain Nemo and his astounding ship, the Nautilus. The second edition of Nemo's War , Victory Point Games' popular solitaire...
79,95 € *
Thunder in the East (Boxed)
Thunder in the East (Boxed)
From VPG: Thunder in the East is a two-player (although it is easily played solitaire as most wargames are, and it is great for small teams) strategic-level WWII East Front wargame from legendary game designer Frank Chadwick. It has...
149,00 € *
Angels One Five (Boxed)
Angels One Five (Boxed)
From the Publisher: "Recently picked this up, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Air games that are solo-friendly are rare, which is reason enough to take note, but the combination of mechanical simplicity with historical feel raises it a...
49,95 € *
6th Panzer Army - The Bulge (Paul Koenig)
6th Panzer Army - The Bulge (Paul Koenig)
From VPG : After storming the beaches in his D-Day series, and fresh from air landing in his Market-Garden series, designer Paul Koenig invites you to collect another World War II European Tour travel sticker, this time from the first 3½...
32,95 € *
Duel of Eagles (Box) The Battle of Mars-la-Tour, 1870
Duel of Eagles (Box) The Battle of...
“What is certain beyond argument is that the war – and with it the future of Europe – was decided at Mars-la-Tour on 16 August 1870.” – Otto von Bismarck, Versailles, 18 January 1871 The Battle of Mars-la-Tour, most famous for von...
44,95 € *
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