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  • EXC08001
Wings is a plane to plane game of air combat during World War I. The strengths and weaknesses... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wings"

Wings is a plane to plane game of air combat during World War I. The strengths and weaknesses of the French, British, Italian, German and  Austro-Hungarian units involved are accurately and playably duplicated by 50 data cards that display all the information needed to maneuver and fight. The system incorporates such details as: speed, climbs, dives, banks, turns, slips, loops, rolls, Immelmanns, gun plays, ammunition and ranges, as well as variants for planes, balloons, ground fire, Zeppelins, bombing and strafing, heights, altitudes and much more. The scenarios cover a variety of combat situations from lonely battles against giant airships  high over England to low-level strafing runs over the trenches of France, and from crowded, twisting dogfights to intense, grueling single duels where one mistake can be your last.

Three 21" x 9" geomorphic map boards
Two sheets of die cut units
One rule book with scenarios
The scale is 40 yards per hex

Time Scale: four seconds per turn.
Number of players: one to many
Playing Time: 30 min-4 Hrs
Complexity: very high
Solitaire Suitability: high
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