Friendly Fire: ASL Scenario Pack 2

Friendly Fire: ASL Scenario Pack 2
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From the Publisher: Friendly Fire Pack 2 contains eight scenarios featured in the... more
Product information "Friendly Fire: ASL Scenario Pack 2"

From the Publisher:

Friendly Fire Pack 2 contains eight scenarios featured in the Friendly Fire 2006 ASL tournament held in Linköping, Sweden. Despite being tournament scenarios, they vary in size between small and large.


Scenarios: 8
Year of Publication: 2006

Average Scenario ROAR Recommendation: 6.3
Average Scenario ROAR Balance: 35% - 65%

FrF9 The Abbeville Bridgehead


West of Abbeville, France, May 28, 1940: The Germans had crossed the Somme and established three bridge-heads on the western shore at Abbeville, Amiens and Péronn. As these posed a mortal threat to the French forces, they had no alternative but to counterattack. At Abbeville, the recently promoted Général de Brigade Charles de Gaulle pressed forward, despite protests from his officers that the French units were not ready.

In The Abbeville Bridgehead, French infantry supported by R35 and nearly-impregnable B1-bis tanks set out to seize two strategic buildings. The Germans, lacking effective AT weaponry, might still try to immobilize the French monsters with their 37mm PaK guns.

Designer: Martin Svärd

ROAR Recommendation: 6.72
ROAR Record: French 19 (37%) - German 33 (63%)

FrF10 Assault on Wielki Dzial


Wielki Dzial, Poland, June 29, 1941: Through Russian-occupied Poland ran the Molotov Line; a series of fortifications designed to bear the initial thrust of an invader. On 29 June, that invader had come. Using tactics from the previous World War, German Stosstruppen assault teams infiltrated the Russian main line of resistence. In support was Panzer-Abteilung (Flamm) 102, newly outfitted with 24 captured French B1-bis heavy flame-thrower tanks.

In this large 7.5-turn scenario, German 1st-line infantry supported by mortars, OBA and three flame-thrower tanks fight to control Russian pillboxes beyond wire, minefields and dug-in Russian infantry and heavy weapons.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.62
ROAR Record: German 4 (36%) - Russian 7 (64%)

FrF11 Rostov Redemption


Rostov, Russia, July 24, 1942: Rostov was about to fall. Strong German forces had broken through the city's defenses, and formed bridgeheads across the rivers of the Don delta, south of the city. In the wake of the Panzers, the 125. Infanterie-Division was called in to reduce the numerous Russian strongpoints left behind by the mobile forces.

Rostov Redemption is a small 6.5-turn city-fight set among rubble and burning buildings. German 1st-line infantry with machineguns and a flamethrower supported by a single Panzer III try to flush out the Russian defenders equipped with courage, determination and, most importantly, a 45mm AT Gun.

Designer: Martin Svärd

ROAR Recommendation: 6.31
ROAR Record: German 39 (60%) - Russian 26 (40%)

FrF12 The Fields of Black Gold


East of Sagopshin, Russia, September 28, 1942: In mid-September, after the fall of Rostov, the Wiking SS Division received orders to leave the western Caucasus and move eastward in order to spearhead the attack on the important oil fields east of Grozny. After two days of bitter fighting against deep and well-fortified Russian defenses, the Germans reached Sagopshin and made preparations for assaulting the town.

In The Fields of Black Gold a company of SS infantry reinforced with Panzer IIIs and IVs surprise the Russian defenders, whose plan for the day didn't include fending off a strong German attack, but rather finishing the trenches and positioning the last guns.

Designer: Martin Svärd

ROAR Recommendation: 7.29
ROAR Record: German 25 (35%) - Russian 47 (65%)

Question: May Mopping Up (A12.153) be used to secure the 18P7 hill?
Answer: No. The 18P7 is considered a building for Control (A26.14) purposes only. Even though Mopping Up gains Control it also has other effects (such as revealing HIP), and thus cannot be used.

FrF13 Knives to a Gunfight


Belyi, Russia, November 30, 1942: The ambitious Operation Mars aimed to destroy the 9. Armee in the Rzhev salient. The 41st Army was ordered to break through the German defenses at Belyi, and by 30 November, the Russians believed the German defenses were about to crack. In heavy snowfall, the 19th Mechanized Brigade crossed the frozen Vena river and deployed for the final assault.

In this mid-sized scenario, Russian infantry bring knives to a gunfight when they armed with little more than small-arms charge the artillery position of 1. Panzer-Division. Further studies in asymmetric warfare follow when the supporting T-70 tankettes acquaint themselves with the schwere 10cm Kanone 18.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 4.86
ROAR Record: German 15 (71%) - Russian 6 (29%)

Errata: The last sentence of SSR 1 should read: At the beginning of Game Turn 3 the Falling Snow (if any) stops and will not start again during the scenario. The old wording suggested the Ground Snow would go away on Game Turn 3, which was not the designer's intention.

FrF14 Patton Breaks Loose


San Stefano Quisquina, Sicily, July 20, 1943: The U.S. 7th Army advanced across western Sicily with incredible speed. To slow the American spearheads, the Italians deployed mobile battlegroups at bottlenecks in the road network. At San Stefano Quisquina, Mobile Group B made a last effort to stop the Americans.

Patton Breaks Loose pits Italian infantry, field pieces and two MR/35 tanks against American infantry and Jeep-borne recon troops. Since attacking with 6-morale troops may put some strain on your personal morale, we recommend at least one Patton quote per Game Turn. Start with: "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more".

Designer: Martin Svärd

ROAR Recommendation: 5.97
ROAR Record: American 9 (32%) - Italian 19 (68%)

FrF15 Kampfgruppe 1001 Nacht


Wriezen, Germany, April 17, 1945: On 16 April, the first day of the Berlin offensive, Zhukov's 47th Army did not gain much ground, but did succeed in virtually destroying the German 606th Infantry Division. As the German situation deteriorated and elements of a heavy tank regiment broke through along the Wriezen-Thöringswerder-Alt Lewin highway, Kampfgruppe 1001 Nacht was put on alert and brought forward to meet the threat.

Kampfgruppe 1001 Nacht is a medium-sized high-paced heavy-metal scenario featuring IS-2 tanks and SU-152 assault guns trying to break through a line held by SS Paratroopers, Hetzer tank destroyers and a lone '88'. German reinforcements, in the form of elements of Albert Speer's personal escort battalion, appear mid-game.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.61
ROAR Record: German 20 (71%) - Russian 8 (29%)

FrF16 Last Orders


South of Zossen, Germany, April 21, 1945: During the hell that was the Battle of Berlin, German morale varied. The fanatics honored the absurd Führerbunker orders to the bitter end; others, seeing certain death in the Russian POW camps, attempted to break out to the west and surrender to the Western Allies; and a few threw down their weapons and ran away.

In this small scenario, you follow the last few Elefant tank destroyers of schwere Heeres Panzerjäger-Kompanie 614 reinforced with an obsolete captured Russian tank and some ad-hoc infantry. With a random mission, determined after the German setup, the players must plan for every contingency. Will Captain Ritter follow his historical orders, or will he dissolve his outfit and flee to the west?

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 5.83
ROAR Record: German 11 (42%) - Russian 15 (58%)

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal W17.
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