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Dear customers,

we have A LOT of news for you! This week we received the first part of our big import delivery from the states with news and restock from GMT Games, Worthington Games, Clash of Arms and Compass Games.

Also new in our range of products: The plastic Corner Trimmer from Oregon Laminations Company! A handy tool to trimm the edges of a lot of couters. :D

your Gamer's HQ crew
Dear Customers,

we received from Queen Games the second edition
BIG BOXES of Escape and Kingdom Builder as well as the first BIG BOX of Escape Zombie City.

your Gamer's HQ crew

Liebe Kunden,

neben vielen anderen, haben wir die deutschen Versionen von Terraforming Mars, als auch die komplette Spielreihe von Masmorra - Dungeons von Arcadia, sowie neue Erweiterungen zum taktischen Miniaturenspiel Runewars reinbekommen.

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern! :)

eure Gamer's HQ Crew 
Dear Customers,

against the corrupted forces of Wrath and Gluttony stand the special teams of FAITH. But the riders od the Apocalypse are on the loose and try to establish a new order without mankind...

But explore the dark game world of "The Others - 7 sins", the tactical miniature game from CoolMiniorNot, for yourself!


your Gamer's HQ crew
Dear customers,

we received some thrilling new board game titles in the last few days like the thematic dungeoncrawler Lobotomy or the satiric Armymals from Titan Forge.


your Gamer's HQ crew