MMP: ASL Action Pack 18 - Oktoberfest XXXVII

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From MMP: This Action Pack marks Multi-Man Publishing’s fifth collaboration with ASL... mehr
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From MMP:

This Action Pack marks Multi-Man Publishing’s fifth collaboration with ASL Oktoberfest tournament director Bret Hildebran and his gang of Ohioans to produce a new map-and-scenario pack for release in conjunction with the game’s most revered tournament—ASLOK.

The 14 scenarios of ASL Action Pack #18 were all designed by Ohioans Pete Shelling and the late Bill Sisler. Two new maps (91 & 92) round out the package. World War II actions range from an extreme winter Russian counterattack in front of Moscow in December 1941 to Partisan action in Slovakia to the “final battle” in 1945 Berlin. Pete has also designed four new Korean War scenarios (two on Deluxe boards) featuring actions fought by the American 1st Cavalry Division, its troopers having been “rudely interrupted” from their cushy garrison life in Japan by the outbreak of war in Korea with the Communist invasion of July 1950 and rushed unceremoniously into combat. Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII has the action covered!

Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII contains:

Two 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboards (91, 92)

14 ASL scenarios:
AP191 East Wind – 6½ turns, 2 December 1941, Yushkovo-Buretsovo, Vologda Oblast, Russia (German vs Russian)
AP192 Brush Off – 4½ turns, 19 August 1942, Koli Point, Guadalcanal (Allied vs Japanese)
AP193 Hit It & Quit It – 4½ turns, 26 September 1944, Horné Hámre, Slovakia (German vs Partisan)
AP194 Not Fade Away – 6½ turns, 9 December 1944, Lemberg, France (German vs American)
AP195 Break In On Rollbahn A – 5½ turns, 17 December 1944, Hollerath, Germany (American vs German)
AP196 Silver & Bronze – 6 turns, 19 December 1944, Wiltz, Luxembourg (American vs German)
AP197 KIller Cats & Easy Eights – 6 turns, 30 December 1944, Flohimont, Belgium (German vs American)
AP198 Hassel At Hasselt – 7 turns, 12 February 1945, Hasselt, Germany (German vs British)
AP199 Nord’s End – 6½ turns, 2 April 1945, Waldenburg, Germany (German vs American)
AP200 Chuikov’s Revenge – 7½ turns, 29 April 1945, Berlin, Germany (German vs Russian)
AP201 Goodbye, Geishas – 6½ turns, 23 July 1950, Yongdong, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
AP202 Little Rat – 4½ turns, 29 July 1950, Kumchon, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
AP203 The Walled City – 5½ turns, 5 September 1950, Ka-San, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
AP204 Southside Seesaw – 5½ turns, 13 September 1950, Chilgok, South Korea (North Korean vs American)

Designed for the aficionado, Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

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