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Kries & Kries GbR
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12163 Berlin-Steglitz

Tel: +49 30 /79 706 126
E-Mail: laden@gamers-hq.de

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IBAN: DE39 1007 0024 0722 6665 00

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Mo-Fr: 12:00am till 8:00pm
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And here are the news of today: "Magic the Gathering - Arena of the Planewalkers", "Doomtown Reloaded - The Light Shineth", "Marvel Dice Master Age of Ultron", "Arler Erde", "Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Mark of Madness Expansion" and much more. :)

Just keep browsing through our web shop. Have fun! :)

your Gamer's HQ crew
Hier die Neuheiten des Tages: "Steampunk Rally", "Steampunk Works", "New Salem", "BattleCON War of Indines Extended Expansion", D-Day at Peleliu", sowie die Expansions für Warfighter "Eastern Europe Adversaries", "Russian Federation", "United Kingdom" und zuletzt "Speedball".

Fündig werdet ihr hier in unserem Onlineshop. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern! :)

eure Gamer's HQ Crew
Today comes the German versions of two board games.

Who ever want to create and build  the A-Bomb will love "The Manhattan Project"

In "Galaxy Defenders" you will join an Eliteforce, to defeat an Alieninvason on earth.

Have fun with these games. :)

your Gamer´s HQ Crew
And here are the news of today:
"Munchkin Gloom", "Mafia de Cuba", "Wo ist das Gehirn", "Doomtown Reloaded - Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force", "Kraftwagen", Cthulhu RPG - Der tiefe Fall des Dr. Erben" and "Shadowrun - Mission Chicago".

Just keep browsing through our web shop. Have fun! :)

your Gamer's HQ crew
Today we get the German version of the new X-Wing Core Set "The Force Awakens".

Have fun with your spacebattles.

your Gamer´s HQ Crew