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He hadn’t seen the family since the age of eighteen, so he was certain that no one would recognize him as that infamously ungrateful child. Instead of his normal three-piece suit, he went into the estate meeting with dirt on his hands, grass stains on his jeans, and a list of landscaping jargon pulled up on his cell phone. He sat down between the scowling butler and his late father’s current girlfriend, and introduced himself as, “Chad. You know, the gardener.”

Hoax is a fast-paced game of secret identities for three to six players. When a ruthless and filthy rich business magnate chokes to death on a celebratory champagne cork, he leaves only one clear directive in his will: that his heir be as devious and remorseless as he was. An intense competition between the greedy members of his inner circle ensues, each determined to prove himself worthy of the business, the estate, and the accompanying billions. In Hoax, you and your friends each take on the role of one of these fortune-seekers as they attempt to eliminate their rivals using any means necessary.


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