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Dice Club

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First rule of Dice Club – you do not talk about Dice Club
Second rule of Dice Club – you do not talk about Dice Club
Third rule of Dice Club – if it is your first night at Dice Club, you have to roll.

Dice Club is a board / card / dice game of bluff, fighting and mischief. Players become the members of elite Dice Club, a place where you can participate in dice games for the highest stakes. Regular frequenters, however, are accustomed to the fact that gambling brings out emotions and not only dice are being thrown there but also bottles and chairs. This is why it is not only mind and strategy that count in Dice Club but also the strength of muscles.

The game involves 3 to 6 players. The players play 2 rounds. Each round is divided into 2 phases – a poker phase and a fighting (brawl) phase. In the first phase, you should get the best possible set consisting of 6 dice. In the second phase, fists are flying and there is a clash at the arena (ring). A player who will get the highest score after 2 rounds wins. The players will have to bluff, seek temporary allies and “stab in the back” to achieve their desired goal.


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