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Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition)

Englische Version
Boxed Edition
3rd Edition
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Dawn of the Zeds is one of Victory Point Games' many States of SiegeTM solitaire games of survival against all comers. In this third edition, co-op gameplay has been added, along with an extended narrative.

The postcards in every local drug store read, "Welcome to Fabulous Farmingdale!", an ad campaign that was the brainchild of Mayor Hernandez (who coincidentally employed his wife's public relations firm to market their community). But right now, things are far from fabulous in Farmingdale and, for once, everyone isn't blaming the Mayor. Some kind of virus or poison is turning ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. It is not clear how the disease spreads (though it seems that physical contact is certainly one way), but it is obvious what the illness does to its victims.

These undead, nicknamed "Zeds" from the local newscasts as the acronym for "Zombie Epidemic Disease," are now converging on your corner of the world around Farmingdale. As best you can tell, you have been left to your own devices to stop them while the National Guard organizes a relief column, but that could take days, perhaps weeks, for them to fight their way to you, and until then, what can you do?

With little choice between survival and a gruesome (un)death, you realize that you must coordinate the defense of the town of Farmingdale and its surrounding villages. You must lead the good citizens and emerging heroes of these communities to halt the Zeds' advances by (re)killing them, to attempt to coordinate the discovery of a cure to this vile scourge, and to preserve as much of the area and as many of its inhabitants as possible. There's no time to lose…

As Victory Point Games' first title in the Premier Line, Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition meets a higher level of component excellence by including a properly mounted game board, myriad die-cut counters, nice stock game cards, and a lovely, telescoping game box.

What's in the Box?:

•   The Basic Game Rulebook
•   The Level Up! Rulebook
•   The A to Zeds Book (Comprehensive Rules)
•   The Farmingdale Dossier
•   The Setup and Epilogue Book
•   No Brains Rulebook
•   One double-sided game board
•   One game mat
•   Four player aids
•   One Zeds player aids
•   168 poker-sized cards
•   32 tarot-sized character cards
•   188 die-cut counters
•   Six 6-sided dice
•   Counter bag


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