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B-Sieged: Darkness and Fury - Expansion

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B-Sieged is a fully cooperative castle defense board game that combines exiting combat action with strategic resource management. In this thrilling defense battle, 1 to 6 players contol the mighty Heroes of Modhelm, who must hold out long enough for the Messenger to return with a powerful magic artifact that will breake the enemy siege.

To defeat the swift Iron Orcs, the crafty Goblins and the fearsome Trolls, players will need to develop new strategies while preventing the foul acid-born creatures known as Mulfins from breaking the city walls... And beware the fury of Ikomoth, the Dragon, an Avatar of Destruction capable of incinerating all Quarters of the Citadel!

This expansion contains two new heroes, new miniatures and Enemy cards, a customized Event deck and all the components, needed to offer a new and exciting game experience!

The B-Sieged: Darkness & Fury expansion contains:

  • 12 Standard Iron Orc miniatures
  • 4 Elite Iron Orcs miniatures
  • 8 Goblin miniatures
  • 4 Skullcrusher Troll miniatures
  • 7 Tyrannizer Troll miniatures
  • 2 Hero miniatures
  • 2 Hero dashboards
  • 2 Hero bases
  • 24 Event cards
  • 48 Enemy cards
  • 60 Resource cards
  • 1 Mulfin die
  • 4 Breach tokens
  • 35 Mulfin tokens
  • 1 Ikomoth, the Dragon token with plastic stand


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