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Give Me The Brain Super Deluxe

EN (englische Version)
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Welcome to Friedey's, the Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned. You and your coworkers are zombies with lots of chores to finish, but only one Brain to pass around. To win, you must finish your work, and empty your hand. But to do that, you'll probably need to get your hands on the Brain.

Give Me the Brain is James Ernest's original Zombie Fast Food game, the first in a series that also includes Lord of the Fries, The Great Brain Robbery, and Dead Money. The new "Superdeluxe" fourth edition.

Game Play:
The object is simple: empty your hand. There are basically two kinds of card: bid cards, and job cards. The Job cards represent something you can do on your turn, like cleaning the shake machine, or answering questions from customers. Many of these jobs are impossible unless you have the Brain.
The Brain is represented by a 6-sided die. When you do a Brain-related task, you have to roll the die, to determine if you drop the Brain.
When the Brain is on the floor, players can play bid cards to pick it up. Whoever wins the bid takes the Brain and also the next turn. Sometimes you will bid even when you know you can't get the Brain; after all, it does get another card out of your hand.

Game Details:
    Players: 3-8
    Playing Time: 15 Minutes
    Age Rating: 12+
    Contents: 100 cards, one 6-sided die


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