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Blocks in the East Boxed

Blocks in the East Boxed
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Blocks in the East
Blocks in the East

The rules are divided into three major sections which can be learned one at a time:

- BASIC GAME RULES: The first section introduces the basic concepts of BITE and enables players to start playing the game without too many rules to remember. The shorter scenarios are especially developed for this rules and to learn the mechanics of the game.

- ADVANCED GAME RULES: The next section provides more specific and detailed rules for an enhanced realism, such as Fuel Usage and the Advanced Production. The longer scenarios should be played with this rules.

- OPTIONAL RULES: Finally, for those players who want to get the best out of the game, these additional rules can be added as desired (normally to the AR). They include Technology Research, Strategic Warfare with bombers and submarines, Partisans, Amphibious Landings, Airborne Assaults, Special Attack Actions, etc.

Game Language: English
Manual Languages (incl. downloadable contents): English, German, Italian, French
Genre: Operational, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based
Complexity: Basic to Advanced, depending on which rules are used
Period: World War II (Eastfront)


A hexagon is approximately 53 miles (70 km) across.
A game turn is 1 month long.
A full strength counter represents a major military formation (normally a corps) of ca. 30,000 men, 300 Tanks, or 300 planes - depending on the unit type, equipment, nationality, etc.


With over 300 unit counters and 300 different resource points of various colors, players can enjoy hours of fun by playing the full Codeword Dortmund campaign from 1941 to 1945 or by playing one of the other scenarios. Each scenario has a different difficulty level, rated in brackets from 1 (Very Easy) to 10 (Very Hard):

Short Scenarios:
- Road to Leningrad June - September 1941 (1)
- Road to Moscow June - September 1941 (2)
- Road to Rostov June - November 1941 (3)
- Short-Barbarossa June - August 1941 (4)

Long Scenarios and Campaign:
- Operation Barbarossa June - November 1941 (8)
- Case Blue: The Drive to Baku June - November 1942 (7)
- Operation Citadel: Battle of Kursk June - November 1943 (6)
- Operation Bagration June 1944 - June 1945 (6)
- Codeword Dortmund: The Russian Campaign June 1941 - June 1945 (10)

Every scenario has different victory con-ditions and length, with a different playing time of 2 to 3 hours for the short scenarios and 4+ hours for the long scenarios.


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