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Lock´n Load: Dark July (Russian Exp.)

Lock´n Load: Dark July (Russian Exp.)
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Lock´n Load: Dark July (Russian Exp.)
Dark July depicts the battles fought west of Prochorovka between 10-12 July, 1943. The map/s covers the famed Hill 252.2, the Soviet trenchs to the east, and the Oktiabrski State Farm to the north. We won't make grandiose claims about their meter-to-meter accuracy, but believe they faithfully replicate the two kilometer by one kilometer rectangle.


The 22" x 34" map contains all the detail and beauty gamers have come to expect from Lock 'n Load Publishing. From the lengthy anti-tank ditch to the State Farm, its as nice to look at as it is fun to play on. Dark July includes new rules for anti-tank mines, low wheat, and much more.


Dark July is not a complete game. This is an expansion and requires Band of Heroes and Not One Step Back to play all six of its scenarios.


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