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GMT: Barbarossa to Berlin

GMT: Barbarossa to Berlin
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GMT: Barbarossa to Berlin

Spring 1941: Nazi Germany is triumphant. Poland has long since vanished from the map. Denmark, Norway, and the Low Countries have been overrun. France, the victor of 1918, has fallen. Greece and Yugoslavia have now been crushed. Britain stands alone, freed from the threat of invasion by the courage and skill of its air force and navy. But Britain is stalked and assaulted by the Nazi wolfpacks, and in North Africa a mixed garrison of British and Commonwealth forces is besieged in Tobruk by Rommel and his Afrika Korps.

Then, on June 22, Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Stalin's Soviet Union. As the panzer spearheads slice through the bewildered Russian defenders, it appears that nothing can halt the Nazi tide. But the course of History has just taken a major turn. The Last European War is over; World War II has begun. It will end four years later, in a bunker in the ruins of Berlin.


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