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The Very Best of March Madness (Vol.1)

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from the Designer Notes:

Welcome the the Best of March Madness Volume 1 (hopefully). This pack is an attempt to get our old scenarios to a wider audience in the ASL community. All of these scenarios are from packs that were released to a limited audience. The 15 scenarios are from four packs released for our March Madness ASL tournament.

Five scenarios are from our Partisan Pack, released in 2009. there are two small scenarios and three large; all contain engagements with partisans fighting in Europe. One scenario is a ggod primer on caves and another on bunkers. The other three scenarios are all about movement.

Two scenarios are from the follow-on Irregular Forces pack. Both scenarios are good street fights with Partisan troops- Keep in mind the Partisan advantage of movement in an urban setting for some interesting possibilities of a good counterattack.

The next four scenarios are from the Texel Pack. thsi entire pack is a primer on fortifications. the big rule to keep in mind for this pack is both sides have panzerfausts, which pack a bunch in the scenario if your opponent is in a pillbox, building or behind a wall.

The last four scenarios are from our Double-Blind Pack.

We hope you enjoy these scenarios and they get some good play.


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