World at War #66 - Cruise of the Graf Spee

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From the Publisher: The Magazine: Graf Spee & the Battle of the River Plate :... mehr
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From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Graf Spee & the Battle of the River Plate: Hamstrung by the Versailles Treaty, the German navy turned to surface raiders and submarines at the start of World War II. During the first three months of the war, Graf Spee ran amok in the South Atlantic, eventually clashing with British forces in the Battle of the River Plate.

Other Articles:

  • Lvov 1939: Poland’s situation was critical by the middle of September 1939. Only the Karpaty and Krakow armies in the southeast remained relatively intact and for a few brief days held out forlorn hope of forming a final bastion against the Germans.
  • Elsenborn Ridge - V Corps Holds the Line: The German Ardennes Offensive caught the Allies by surprise. At the northern edge of the attack the Americans gave little ground and exacted a heavy toll on German troops.
  • ANZAC War in the Pacific: The Dominions of Australia and New Zealand joined Great Britain in declaring war against Nazi Germany in September 1939. Initially deployed to North Africa, the bulk of ANZAC forces shifted back to the Pacifi c when the Japanese declared war in December 1941.

The Game:

Cruise of the Graf Spee is an operational-tactical solitaire game that puts you in command of the KMS Graf Spee, the German battlecruiser that made a historic epic voyage through the South Atlantic during the opening days of World War II. The player must accomplish a specific “objective” to win the game that will be generated at random at the start of each scenario or the campaign game. You must manage the various out fittings and functions of the KMS Graf Spee. As you fight your way throughout the South Atlantic and potentially the Indian Ocean, you will encounter various Allied warships, merchantmen, and unexpected opportunities and objectives. German ships in the game are shown in detail with the Allied ships shown in a more abstract manner. Each turn represents one full day. Nautical spaces are about 100 nautical miles apart with the game system using point to point movement. Most warship counters represent one ship each.


Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.

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