War Diary Magazine #19

War Diary Magazine #19
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From Lock´n Load: War Diary Magazine Issue #19 A new wargaming magazine, but decidedly... mehr
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From Lock´n Load:

War Diary Magazine Issue #19

A new wargaming magazine, but decidedly old-school in our approach.  

Published quarterly, WAR DIARY magazine publishes no games but instead concentrates on thoroughly examining existing games from a wide range of game publishers, both large and small.  Each issue contains historical articles with tie-ins to gaming topics;  new game scenarios, variants, and expansions; game and book reviews; interviews with notable gaming personalities; and articles on game strategy and good play.  Contributors include an interesting mix of both well-known and new writers, each with a unique perspective.


EAGLES OF FRANCE: Last Eagles, Ligny 1815 by Michael Stultz. In this first installment of a two-part series, the author looks at the historical battle.

ROME vs. GAUL: Playing the Romans by William Walker. An overview of Roman strategy for this Mark Siminovitch design from GMT.

THE GREAT CRISIS OF FREDERICK THE GREAT: A Review by John D. Burtt. A look at this Seven Years War game from VUCO Simulations.

FORTRESS EUROPA: VARIANT RULES by Tom Cundiff. New optional rules for the classic from Compass Games.

PARMA 1734: A Review by Jon Southard. A first look at this game from Aleph Game Studio, covering the historical northern Italian battle.

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Has the Popularity of Wargaming Plummeted? by Lewis Pulsipher and Maurice Firzgerald. Two sides of the “is wargaming dying” discussion.

ON GAMING: Cold as Dice by Michael Webb.

PASS IN REVIEW: Capsule Reviews by Roy Matheson, John Burtt, Hans Korting, Andy Nunez, Hans Korting, and Michael Stultz

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal W17.
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