Strategy & Tactics# 315 - Red Tide South

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From the Publisher: The Magazine: Red Tide South - A Potential Soviet Attack on... mehr
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From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Red Tide South - A Potential Soviet Attack on Italy: A number of factors raised the potential for World War III in the early 1980s. While the main Soviet threat was aimed at Germany, danger also lurked in southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Other Articles:

  • Bloody Stalemate at Borodino: The French invasion of Russia in 1812 was intended to be a knockout blow, but the Russians let the scorched earth of their hinterland sap French strength. Finally, in September, the Russians turned to fight near the village of Borodino, opening the possibility of the long-sought decisive battle.
  • Second Boer War: The Second Boer War, lasting from the summer of 1899 to the spring of 1902, pitted the British Empire against two small Boer Republics in South Africa.
  • Bronze Age Cataclysm - The Collapse of the Civilized Near East: From the 12th to 11th centuries BC, a series of conflicts in the eastern Mediterranean brought about the collapse of the civilized Near East.

The Game:

Red Tide South is a two-player game. It is a stand-alone game that can is also designed to be played with Red Tide West (Modern War #15). A war in Europe during the 1980’s was primarily going to be decided, one way or the other, in West Germany. Other fronts and theaters were therefore almost irrelevant in the short term. Considering the Soviets’ exceedingly optimistic timetables by which they intended to overrun West Germany, events elsewhere would have not even played out before the war ended (either by mutual annihilation or by rapprochement). However, the Balkan Front could have had the most direct influence on the campaign in West Germany. If there was no significant nuclear exchange in Central Europe, a Soviet capture of the heavily industrialized Po Valley would potentially compel the Italians to sue for peace, as well as serve as a gateway to Southern France. Each hex is equivalent to about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from side to opposite side, and each turn represents about a day.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 228 counters (plus 46 bonus counters for Red Tide West)

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