Modern War #46 - Foreign Legion Paratroopers

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From the publisher: The Magazine: Foreign Legion Paratroopers: Since the end of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Modern War #46 - Foreign Legion Paratroopers"

From the publisher:

The Magazine:

Foreign Legion Paratroopers: Since the end of World War II, Foreign Legion paratroopers have been the tip of the spear for French expeditionary operations.

Other Articles:

  • The Warsaw Pact: During the Cold War, Western democracies lived under the threat of war with the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact. Composed of the communist states of Eastern Europe, the Pact was formed to counter the Western nations' North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • At All Costs - 29th Brigade at the Imjin River, April 1951: In late April 1951, the British 29th Brigade faced a massive Chinese attack on the Imjin River. For three days the 29th Brigade would hold the line, earning its place in British military history.
  • The Rise & Fall of ISIS Armor: ISIS’ initial victories in Iraq and Syria resulted in the accumulation of hundreds of armor vehicles. With these vehicles they were able to continue their reign of terror throughout the region, but with intervention from outside powers ISIS’ armor force met its demise.

The Game:

Foreign Legion Paratrooper is a solitaire wargame. The player controls the French forces. The game system controls various Opposition Forces (OPFOR). The game is played in missions (or scenarios). You can link the various missions into a larger campaign game. It is recommended that you first play a couple of games before playing a campaign game. While the game is designed as a solitaire game and requires only one player to play. The game can also be played by two or more players, each controlling different parts of the REP. Each turn equals anywhere from 12 hours to one week. Hexes on the Mission Map are anywhere from 0.5 to 5 kilometers across. A platoon is 30-60 soldiers. OPFOR units represent anywhere from 10 to 1,000 fighters.

Components: One 22" x 34" map on one sheet & 176 counters

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