Harpoon Naval Review 2000

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As we enter the 21st Century, confrontations between nations continue to arise around the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Harpoon Naval Review 2000"
As we enter the 21st Century, confrontations between nations continue to arise around the world. When diplomacy fails, military forces are ready to step forward to deal with the situation. As it was before the Cold War, use of military action has become an extension of political power. This is especially true for the world's navies who are often the most ready to deal with a crisis, and may already be nearby. The potential for conflict throughout the world's waters has risen dramatically, creating a number of situations, both actual and hypothetical, that can be simulated using the HarpoonTM game system.

Harpoon Naval Review 2000 provides detailed scenarios that allow you to explore conflicts in the Taiwan Strait, the Indian Ocean, South America, the Mediterranean, and the Baltic. Harpoon Naval Review 2000 also includes articles on current naval events around the world, optional rules for logistics and endurance, along with ship and aircraft forms for the scenarios.

Harpoon Naval Review 2000 has 72 pages, containing:

  • Articles on:
    The Navies of South America
    A Royal Navy for the 21st Century
    38 Ship Forms- Littoral Warfare
  • 4 Aircraft Forms
  • Optional Rules for Naval Logistics, Repairs, and Endurance
  • TEN Detailed Scenarios
  • 5 Stand-alone:
    Blow in the Baltic - Russia vs. Germany
    Assault on a Queen - Libya vs. Great Britain
    Conflict of Interest - India vs. China and Pakistan
    Fish Wars, Round 2 - Canada vs. Spain
    Action in the Adriatic - NATO vs. Yugoslavia
  • 5 Theme Related:
    One China - 3 concerning China vs. USA and Taiwan
    The Second War of the Pacific - 2 with Peru and Bolivia vs. Chile
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