MMP: ASL Journal #12

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From MMP: ASL JOURNAL 12 is a 40-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader and features nine... mehr
Produktinformationen "MMP: ASL Journal #12"

From MMP:

ASL JOURNAL 12 is a 40-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader and features nine articles, the latest Q&A/errata, and 12 new scenarios printed on cardstock. Also included is a corrected scenario card for scenario 181 Gavin Take from the recent YANKS, which was missing its red text and is being replaced here.

JOURNAL 12 includes the following articles:
A Dose of Antifreeze wherein Peter Struijf helps guide you through the decision matrix of how to defeat enemy vehicles using bypass "freeze". 
ASL Crossfire: AP119 Konev Cross John Slotwinski and Phil Palmer discuss their playing of this Action Pack 12 scenario.
Advanced Nuggets Paul Sidhu brings light to some obscure and easily-overlooked rules.
"Ghost Killers" by Andy Hershey recounts the history of the Korean Marine Corps, featured in the upcoming Korean War ASL module FORGOTTEN WAR which Andy helped design.
Out With The Old... Chas Argent looks at how old counter art from the Avalon Hill days is being updated for new MMP edition core modules.
MOSSMOUSE! Paul Sidhu is back and explains how the "Principles of War" as taught by the United States Army can be applied to your ASL play.
Single-Hex Fire Groupology Ken Dunn & J.R. Tracy de-mystify the Defensive First/Final Fire options available to units stacked together in the same Location.
Debriefing This issue's errata updates.
Scenario Analysis: AP71 Head In The Noose Matt Shostak brings his magic analytical eye to this Action Pack 7 scenario.
Recon: Flames in Hatten Chas Argent previews Andrew Rogers's upcoming HASL on this German-vs-American HASL set during Operation NORDWIND in January 1945.
JOURNAL 12 also includes 12 new ASL scenarios:
J182 Belgian Blitzkrieg (German vs Belgian, 27 May 1940)
J183 A Real Barn Burner (French vs German, 31 May 1940)
J184 Dayan To Meet You (Australian vs Vichy, 8 June 1941)
J185 The Haunted Castle (German vs Russian, 22 June 1941)
J186 Castles On The Horizon (German vs British, 20 November 1941)
J187 In Deadly Combat (Russian vs German, 30 December 1941)
J188 Grab And Go (Russian vs German, 20 August 1943)
J189 Buckley's Block (Japanese vs U.S.M.C., 13 January 1944)
J190 Trial Run (Canadian vs German, 17 January 1944)
J191 Rebels Without A Pause (Slovak vs German, 5 September 1944)
J192 Taking Some Flak (Finn vs German, 28 October 1944)
J193 Raff's Rules (American vs German, 24 March 1945)
2/8/17 JOURNAL 12 corrections:
• J192 Taking Some Flak: In the VC, last sentence, between "count" and "for" add "double".
• On page 31 of JOURNAL 12, the last sentence in the box of the "Single-Hex Firegroupology" article indicates that Final Fire in the DFPh might be available after having used Subsequent First Fire in the MPh. But that is not the case, since using SFF would mark a unit with a Final Fire counter, which precludes firing in the DFPh. We regret this error, which was introduced by the Editors in the editing process.

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