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World at War #75 - Centrifugal Offensive

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from the publisher: The Magazine: Centrifugal Offensive: The Japanese Opening... mehr
Produktinformationen "World at War #75 - Centrifugal Offensive"

from the publisher:

The Magazine:

Centrifugal Offensive: The Japanese Opening Offensive in the Pacific: The wide-ranging campaigns seized much of Southeast Asia and numerous islands in the Pacific. Yet by the end of June 1942, the Japanese offensive had suffered two strategic defeats. What led to these reversals?

Other Articles:

Operation Tidal Wave: Raid on Ploesti: One of the largest bomber raids up to mid-1943, the attack on Ploesti tested the capabilities of the USAAF in planning and carrying out the mission. The defenses were far heavier than expected. Operational mistakes and initiative figured highly in the outcome.

Breakthrough at Sedan: Blitzkrieg Comes of Age: Though the German panzer formations would not reach the height of their operational effectiveness for another year, the lightning drive to the Channel coast represented the maturation of the concept of maneuver in which mobile operations overcome firepower.

Demyansk: Hitler and Goring Learn the Wrong Lessons: Hitler’s stand-fast order and Goring’s ability to supply the Demyansk Pocket were successful in the first year of Barbarossa. Believing their Soviet enemies would not learn from these experiences would prove fatal the following year at Stalingrad.

The Game:

Centrifugal Offensive: The Japanese Campaign in the Pacific, 1941-42 is a solitaire, strategic level wargame of the initial Imperial Japanese campaigns in the Pacific War, 1941 to 1942. The player commands the Japanese forces, with the Allies are controlled by the game system. The player's objective is to accomplish campaign objectives ahead of the original schedule, thereby forestalling the inevitable US-led Allied offensive. A critical factor in the game is victory fever. The more the Japanese are winning, the greater the chance they will have to attain additional objectives to win the game. Another factor is the game ends before the Allied counteroffensive in the Solomons, so there are no Allied amphibious operations. Most ground units in the game represent divisions, brigades and regiments. Aircraft units represent one to three air groups or regiments (three to nine squadrons). Distances between each space on the map vary depending on location and strategic importance, with the distance varying from 1,000 to a few hundred kilometers. Each turn represents one month of operations.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 228 die-cut counters.

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