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World at War#69 - Breakout 1st Panzer

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  • WAW069
From the Publisher: The Magazine: Breakout - First Panzer Army &... mehr
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From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Breakout - First Panzer Army & Kamenets-Podolsky, March-April 1944: Germany’s Army Group South was reeling in the late winter of 1944. Soviet offensives had forced rapid retreats and occasionally trapped large numbers of German troops. One of these traps occurred in the western Ukraine in March 1944 when an entire German army was surrounded.

Other Articles:

  • British Pacific Fleet: In late 1944 the British War Cabinet sent a Royal Navy task force to assist operations in the Pacific. While unfamiliar with operating ships so far from a home base, they skillfully organized and deployed a fleet to conduct operations in early 1945.
  • The US Army Corps of Military Police in World War II: With the outbreak of war in Europe, the creation of a military police corps became a necessity for the US Army. The military police proved their worth during the war guarding POWs, protecting vital supply chains, investigating black market racketeering, and even participating in the Nuremburg Trials.
  • German Annihilation War - Planning and Implementation: Hitler’s racist and destructive worldview would shape the planning of Operation Barbarossa and lead to the loss of millions of innocent lives in Eastern Europe.

The Game:

Breakout: First Panzer Army is a two player game that allows players to examine the operational challenges in the battles between the Soviet and German Armies in the northwest Ukraine in March and April 1944, leading to 1st Panzer Army Pocket. Most units are represented as corps-sized units with German garrison units represented as regiments or brigades. Each combat unit displays several types of information: nationality and type, organizational size, attack factor, defense factor, historical identification and substitute counter status.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.

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