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World at War #63 - Central Pacific Campaign, 1943-44


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From the Publisher: The Magazine: Central Pacific Campaign 1943-1944: The Pacific... mehr
Produktinformationen "World at War #63 - Central Pacific Campaign, 1943-44"

From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Central Pacific Campaign 1943-1944: The Pacific Theater of Operations had reached an equilibrium by the spring of 1943. In the course of the next year the Allies would bring the war within reach of the Japanese Home Islands.

Other Articles:

-Pawns in an Epic Struggle - The Russian Liberation and Free Germany Movements of World War II: The battlefields of the Eastern Front produced millions of prisoners of war. Many of these prisoners would later serve their captors in the German-backed Russian Liberation Movement or the Soviet-sponsored Free Germany Movement.

-US 3rd Cavalry at Berg-sur-Moselle: In early November 1944, the US 3rd Cavalry Group was tasked with taking a German outpost at Berg-sur-Moselle during the Lorraine Campaign.

-U-852 vs. USS Wahoo: War has a bizarre way of determining who is good or bad. During World War II, two submarine captains—Heinz-Wilhelm Eck and Dudley W. Morton—set such a challenge.

The Game:

The Central Pacific Campaign is a solitaire, strategic-level wargame of the struggle for control of the Central Pacific during World War II. The solitaire player is commanding the US forces and the system controls the Japanese forces. The player wins by accomplishing historic campaign milestones ahead of what was done historically, thereby opening the way for an earlier invasion of Okinawa or Formosa. Most ground units represent divisions, brigades or regiments. Aircraft units represent two groups or regiments (six to eight squadrons), and are each identified by the primary type of aircraft in those units. Ship units represent one fleet aircraft carrier, divisions of two light or escort carriers, two battleships, four cruisers, squadrons of six to eight destroyers and one light cruiser. The map is drawn to emphasize the strategically critical zones and islands in the Central Pacific. Each grid box on the map is 300 miles from side to side. Each turn represents one month.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 228 die-cut counters.

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