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World at War #60 - Eisenhowers War

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From the Publisher: The Magazine: Eisenhower's War - The General as Strategist:... mehr
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From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Eisenhower's War - The General as Strategist: Victory fever gripped the entire Allied command chain following the breakout from Normandy. While everyone agreed the breakout had created a situation where the war might be won before year’s end, none could agree on how it could be realized.

Other Articles:

  • Forgotten Theater - The Aleutians Campaign: The Aleutians are a chain of small islands that stretch west across the Bering Sea. During World War II, they became the only US territory to see ground combat.
  • The Most Disagreeable and Difficult Task - Neutralizing the French Fleet in 1940: The Compiègne armistice of June 1940 took France out of the war against Hitler’s Germany. Fearing Germany’s use of French naval forces, the British took drastic measures to keep that from happening.
  • Debrecen - The Last Hungarian Victory: Hungary was a reluctant but loyal ally to Germany. In October 1944, the Hungarians would play a crucial role in stopping the first Soviet offensive on the Hungarian plain at Debrecen.

  The Game:

Eisenhower’s War (EW) is a two-player wargame covering the final 11 months of World War II in northwest Europe, from D-Day through the end of April 1945, when the Anglo-Allied campaign in the west effectively came to its end. The game is also easily adaptable for solitaire play. The political boundaries shown on the map are those drawn by Hitler prior to his downfall. Victory is judged by measuring the player’s performances against that of their historic counterparts, with the historic outcome reckoned as a draw. If the Allied player does better than Eisenhower, he will be adjudged to have won the game. If he does worse, he’ll be reckoned to have lost the game. Each turn of play equals one or two months of ‘real’ time, depending on the time of year.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.

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