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Strategy & Tactics #327 - Russian Baltic War

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from the publisher: The Magazine: Future Russia Baltic States War: Recently, the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Strategy & Tactics #327 - Russian Baltic War"

from the publisher:

The Magazine:

Future Russia Baltic States War: Recently, the Russians have moved aggressively into what they refer to as the “near abroad,” those areas adjacent to Russia which hold significant geopolitical interests. This includes the Baltic States, and the Russian enclave at Kaliningrad. The potential for conflict in this area is examined.

Other Articles

Battle of White Plains, 1776: Following the retreat of the Continental forces from the New York area, Washington established a defensive position at White Plains. Howe sought to defeat the Continentals and cut off communications between New England and the other colonies.

Lost Victories: The Battles of Hannut & Gembloux, May 1940: On the strategic and operational levels, the Allied forces were soundly defeated by the Germans in May 1940. On the tactical level at the Battles of Hannut and Gembloux, the French scored victories despite German numerical superiority in tanks with total air support.

Pax Romana at Sea: The Naval Dimension of Roman Imperial Power: The fleets became vitally important to the defense and survival of the empire, as they patrolled its waterways and borders, safeguarding regional trade routes. In times of crisis, the navy switched roles to transport troops and supplies, but even then, its light combatants could be brought into play in direct support of ground operations.

The Game:

Suwałki Gap is a two-player wargame based on hypothetical Russian attack on the Baltic States and Poland taking place sometime between 2023 and 2025. The sides and capabilities in this game are based on current procurement, recruitment, and basing plans to the extent of publicly available information. This game in particular examines the concept of the “Suwałki Gap,” a 65km section of the Polish-Lithuanian border between Belarus and Kaliningrad, and the potential of a Russian encirclement of the Baltic States by attacking over this route. Scale: Each hex is roughly 28Km (17.3miles) across. Each game turn represents one day. Each combat unit represents a battlegroup or task force and can be considered to include a mix of infantry, armour, artillery, and other support units.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 280 counters.

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