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Strategy & Tactics # 321 - Korean War Paratroopers

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from the publisher: The Magazine:  Korean War Paratroopers: The Korean War saw US... mehr
Produktinformationen "Strategy & Tactics # 321 - Korean War Paratroopers"

from the publisher:

The Magazine: 

Korean War Paratroopers: The Korean War saw US forces launch two large-scale airborne operations. Both proved tactically successful, due in part to the development of joint airborne-air organization following World War II.

Other Articles:

  • From the Battle of the Masts to Lepanto - Muslim Attempts to Conquer the Mediterranean: Islam arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean in the 7th century AD. For the next 800 years Christian and Muslim fleets would battle for control of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • A Combat Arm Redeemed - Italian Cavalry in World War I: The mounted arm of the Italian army suffered a disastrous start when Italy entered World War I. It was not until the last days of the war that the cavalry would be able to redeem itself on the battlefield.
  • Bloodbath at Fort Pillow: The massacre at Fort Pillow remains one of the most tragic and controversial episodes of the American Civil War.

The Game:

Paratrooper: Great Airborne Assaults, Korea is a game system simulating airborne operations. There are two players, commanding the airborne and defending forces. Each game in the system will include one or more scenarios, representing different airborne operations. Units represent airborne (parachute, glider) and ground forces, plus air support. Combat resolution is quasi-tactical. Central to play of the game is the command system, with players expending command points to conduct special actions. Scale: Ground units are companies and platoons. Each turn is about a third of a day's operations. Each hex is about 600 meters (half a mile).

This game includes two scenarios:

  • OPERATION TOMAHAWK: Ridgway Springs the Trap, March 1951
  • SUKCHON-SUNCHON: Air Assualt on North Korea, October 1950

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 176 counters

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