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Strategy & Tactics # 319 - Schlieffens War

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  • DCGST319
From the Publisher: The Magazine: Schlieffen's War - Reexamining the War Plans... mehr
Produktinformationen "Strategy & Tactics # 319 - Schlieffens War"

From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Schlieffen's War - Reexamining the War Plans of 1914: The opening of the Great War on the Western Front has been presented as a clash between the German and French pre-war plans. Both have been the subject of revisionist thinking, forcing a reappraisal of the driving force of the critical first six weeks of the war.

Other Articles:

  • Battle of New Orleans - Brawl in the Bayou: Most of the action in the War of 1812 occurred along the border between the US and Canada, but a few hours’ fighting far to the south in New Orleans would determine the fate of half a continent.
  • The Battle of Tannenberg, 15 July 1410: A clash between the armies of Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Order near the small village of Tannenberg still resonates today, having earned a place in the mythology of the nations involved.
  • England's Pirate Wars, 1568-1725: England’s constant wars with Spain from 1568 into the early 18th century led to a period often known as the golden age of piracy.

The Game:

Schlieffen’s War
is a strategic-level two-player wargame of low-intermediate complexity that covers the first six weeks of fighting on World War I’s western front in 1914. The game’s sub-systems are crafted to present a supreme-commander’s-eye-view of the war: it is therefore almost fully strategic in its perspective, with only the most pastel of operational undertones added to enhance historical tone and texture. Each hex on the map represents 16 miles (26 km). Each full turn of play represents four days of real time. Units of maneuver are corps with army HQ also being represented. Static fortresses also play an important role in play. One player commands the German forces. The other player commands the Entente forces (Belgian, British, and French) which are allied with each other, in opposition to the Germans.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 176 counters

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