Strategy & Tactics# 224 - Sedan Campaign

Strategy & Tactics# 224 - Sedan Campaign
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from the publisher: The Sedan Campaign, 1870 (SC70), is a low-complexity,... mehr
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from the publisher:

The Sedan Campaign, 1870 (SC70), is a low-complexity, operational-level simulation of the battles that comprised the first month of active operations of the Franco-Prussian War. The game is intended for two players, one commanding the Prussian (actually, the North German Confederation) and the other French forces, though it can also easily be played solitaire by a person willing to command both sides.

Each hex on the map equals 4.4 miles from side to opposite side. Each game turn represents three days of time. Playing pieces represent divisions and brigades of infantry and cavalry, formations containing from about 3,000 to 15,000 men. The game map represents the militarily significant terrain found across the Franco-German border region in 1870. There are 80 counters in the game, most of which represent combat units; others are provided as memory aids and informational markers.

Players: 2
Level: Brigade/Division
Hex: 4.4 Miles
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