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SAGA Rulebook

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1. SAGA Rulebook (inc 4 Battleboards) Oh the 8th June 793AD the quiet monastery of... mehr
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1. SAGA Rulebook (inc 4 Battleboards)

Oh the 8th June 793AD the quiet monastery of Lindisfarne on the north-east coast of England was attacked and plundered by sea-borne raider - the Age of the Vikings had begun. For more than two centuries, the fury of the northmen was unleashed across the British Isles, inspiring awe and abject terror. War waged between Anglo-Saxsons, Welsh, Vikings and Normans until, finally, the Normans achieved domination on top of Seniac Hill at the Battle Of Hastings, 1066.

Saga is a game for model soldiers set in the Viking Age when strength and bravery were worth a thousand man. This rulebook contains all the necessary information you need to discover the innovative SAGA gaming system and within these pages you will find not only all the game rules, but also a selection of scenarios to get you started plus descriptions og four of the factions involved in the wars of the Age of the Vikings (Anglo-Danish, Vikings, Welsh and Normans - with more to be published.) With plenty of Illustrations, sep-by-step examples and diagrams, learning the game mechanisms is simple and intuitive.

Less tahn thirty models per side are needed to start playing, so get ready to immerse yourself in this age of heroes and write your own saga.

74 pages, full colour. Comes with 4 card Battleboards - Anglo-Danes, Normans, Viking & Welsh.

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