Infinity - Rulebook 2nd Edition (english)

Infinity - Rulebook 2nd Edition (english)
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175 years into the future. Hunanity has extended through various star systems... Science... mehr
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175 years into the future. Hunanity has extended through various star systems...

Science advances, economy calm, the great Powers are engaged in small, overlapping wars, low intensity conflicts and covert operations...

The delicate equilibrium of the Human Spere may come crashing down with the arrival on the scene of a new partvipant in the struggle: a combined alien force, led by an Evolved Intelligence that is implacably and absolutely hostile to Humanity...

"Infinity" is a game using 28mm metal miniatures which simulates skimishes, combat, direct actions and special operations in a science-fiction enviroment.

"Infinity" is an innovative game system which is both dynamic and entertaining, permitting the full participation of players as the game sequence unfolds. Featuring outstamding realism and flexibility, Infinity allows players a wide choice of tactical and strategic manoevers.

The "Infinity" game manual includes:

Background and detailed descriptions for the different Powers and their respective armed forces, with photos and illustrations in full colour.

The complete rules for the game plus advanced combat hacking rules and complete army list for all factions involved, including weapons and equipment charts, markers and templates, plus all the other information necessary to enable you to play "Infinity"

Connect now and lead your elite force through daring multi.spectrum operations in the most intense and dangerous areas of combat in the entire Human Sphere.

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