Storm over Stalingrad

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From MMP: "Stalingrad must not be taken by the enemy!" - Stalin, October 5, 1942.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Storm over Stalingrad"

From MMP:

"Stalingrad must not be taken by the enemy!" - Stalin, October 5, 1942.

With this order came the battle that would ultimately become the turning point of World War Two. The German Army, semmingly unstoppable since beginning their summer offensive "Case Blue" in late June, was streched thin as they drove deeper into the Soviet Union. Hitler ignored his staff´s advice and drove for what he considered to be the key to the Soviet Union, a critical industrial city sitting on both the rail and river networks. That this city bore Stalin´s name was merely a coincidence. What little opposition that was placed in the German path was swept aside as they drove towards Hitler´s obsession - Stalingrad.

By late August the Germans had reached a point on the Volga just north of the city and began to interdict ferry and boat traffic in to the city. There were nearly 50,000 troops in Stalingrad, predominantly reservists and citizens who remained to fight, but they were an unorganized and demoralized group who would be quickly beaten - so the Germans thought. The troops were to be led by the newly assigned commander of the 62nd Army, Vasily Chuikov. When asket to repeat what his mission was, Chuikov responded "Defend the city or die."

Feeding in reinforcements as best he could, Chuikov´s position was whittled down to a thin strip along the river as the Germans tried time and time again to finally capture the city. Stalingrad had become protracted battle of attrition where gains a losses were measured in building rooms and hallways. One last push and the Germans might gain the entire band of the Volga...

Storm Over Stalingrad is the latest game in the International Game Series. Designed by prolific and award winning designer Tetsuya Nakamura, Storm Over Stalingrad is a simplified introduction to the very popular "Area-Impulse" system seen in games like Breakout: Normandy and Montys Gamble. Using only the core concept of these games and trimming down the Area-Impulse to its most simplified form.

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