Armored Knights: Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941

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From the Publisher:   Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941 takes you to the place where... mehr
Produktinformationen "Armored Knights: Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941"
From the Publisher:
Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941 takes you to the place where Guderian made his turn to the south and started the encirclement of Kiev. Two of his Panzer Divisions, 3rd and 4th, attempted to take the major bridge over the Desna River by a Coup de Main. After failing the Germans make a more deliberate attempt the next day and the fate of the Soviet Armies at Kiev is sealed.
The game has units built as Battalions for Infantry, Armor, and Artillery. Supporting arms such as Recon, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, engineer, and military intelligence are built as companies. These supporting arms units are used to multiply the combat strength of the battalions. The system uses a variable strength table that eliminates gaming the system for a few extra strength points. Players will find that combined arms are the ticket to success.
This game makes an excellent introduction to the Armored Knights game system. It is small and yet challenging. Once you learn the basics of calculating strengths things move along nicely.
Game Scale:
Game Turn: 2-4 hours
Hex: 1.24 miles / 2.0 kilometers
Units: Company to Battalion
Game Inventory:
Four 11 x 17" full color mapsheets
One dual-side printed countersheet (216 1/2" counters)
One 26-page Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941 rulebook
Three scenario setup charts
Nine Player Aid Cards
Two 10-sided dice
One 6-sided die
Solitaire Playability: Medium
Complexity Level: Medium
Players: 2 or more
Playing Time: 4-15 hours
English Rules
Reference (Gamers HQ):
Grognard Simulations is known for their detailed and fantastic rulesets and their attention to detail concerning the gaming material, but because of the way they produce their games, You can´t compare the quality of the boxes with it from big companies like GMT or Compass Games: They are only for holding the huge amount of material, but not as a piece of art by itself (they are made from thin cardboard). This games are, like the name of the company indicates, for "real Grognards !"
English Boxed Version

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal W39.
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