ASLComp: Roman Glory II

ASLComp: Roman Glory II
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From Critical Hit: ROMAN GLORY II is another new edition with the emphasis on NEW. And that... mehr
Produktinformationen "ASLComp: Roman Glory II"

From Critical Hit:

ROMAN GLORY II is another new edition with the emphasis on NEW. And that means a new WINTERIZED map, using the new terrain art that has been received positively in our latest releases—evocative of the season of Ground Snow .... brrrrrr! More new counters, providing Russians in winter uniforms—plus winter whitewashed tanks—making the new editions of RED CHRISTMAS II + ROMAN GLORY II the perfect collection for those that want WINTER ... maps and the ability to play all of the scenarios in the two modules without digging into their old counter collection.

Nikitovka, Russia, 12 November 1941: By the morning of 12 November Nikitovka was still encircled. After another day of intense fighting all the efforts by the 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment were bogged down under a rain of machine gun fire and mortar shells. Italian losses were extremely heavy; every meter conquered was paid in blood. The XVII and XX Battalions managed to reach the outskirt of the town only to be repulsed by a hasty counterattack. At dusk, a few advanced elements of the 3rd Regiment were still holding some houses on the western edge of the town. A Russian night attack might have annihilated them pretty easily, but the expected attack didn’t come. Unknown to the Italians, the Russians had thrown their last reserve in the counterattack of the previous day. As a matter of fact, from the Russian point of view, the situation was anything but encouraging. After six days of fighting the uninterrupted Italian pressure on the outer ring had severely reduced the 74th Division’s operational capabilities, now clearly in a defensive attitude. The opportunity of catching the Axis troop off balance and penetrate their rear had faded away long since, the German 17th Infantry Division was about to close the gap and finally cover the exposed Italian flank. With the bulk of the Division still holding the town under siege, the risk of being cut in two had to be taken in serious consideration. But the Italians gave no time to breath. The battered XVII and XX Bersaglieri Battalions with remnants of III/81st, regrouped in a single force, resumed the attack early in the afternoon of 12 November. The III/79th, just arrived after a night march, was kept in reserve. Once again the Bersaglieri and the men of III/81st reached the outskirt of Nikitovka and once again were stopped, but not repulsed. Both sides were exhausted, and a lull settled with the coming darkness. Sensing that the ring was almost broken, squads from the III/79th infiltrated the Russian lines and made contact with the men of the Colonna Chiaramonti. At night, attacking from both sides, after another failed attempt the Italians finally broke the siege. The Colonna Chiaramonti managed to pull out in good order, bringing all the wounded and the heavy weapons with it. During the following days the 74th Division abandoned Nikitovka to redeploy in new defensive positions.


    A set of 4 scenarios depicting the battle, sized small, medium and large!
    Two separate counter sheets providing all of the Russian Eastern Front MMC/SMC/Guns/vehicle combat counters needed to play the module, just bring your ASLRB, Russians and system marker counters!
    Color, three hole punched special rules.
    A fresh new 'winterized' 12" × 18" map used for the scenarios. NOTE: All scenarios play on the map provided.
    Storage baggie, oh baby!

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