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GMT: Halls of Montezuma

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  • GMT07052
Halls of Montezuma offers a single campaign scenario playable in two to three... mehr
Produktinformationen "GMT: Halls of Montezuma"

Halls of Montezuma offers a single campaign scenario playable in two to three hours, given sudden death victory conditions. This makes the game ideal for an evening of friendly play as well as for tournaments and play-by-email. If you enjoy the other CDG's, HoM brings you the Mexican-American War in a format that hearkens to the design elegance and playing time of We The People ™, the ground-breaking game by Mark Herman. HoM uses mechanics and cards to capture the excitement, tension, and uncertainty of this rarely simulated conflict from American history, the war that was a training ground for so many generals who would become fierce enemies in a later conflict. Can Mexico emerge as a new North American power or will the United States fulfill its Manifest Destiny?

Game Components

  • Rules booklet
  • Deck of 80 Strategy cards
  • Deck of 30 Action cards
  • Two 10-sided dice
  • One 22x34 mapsheet
  • Two player aid cards
  • One and one-half 5/8 inch counter sheets
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