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The 6 Days of Glory

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On to Paris! Napoleon in retreat, full. Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Leipzig the... mehr
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On to Paris!

Napoleon in retreat, full. Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Leipzig the previous year. He was determined to make one last stand on the road to Paris. Facing coalition between Russian under Blucher and Russian under Sacken, Napoleon caught them and was about to crush them in decisive battles before Paris in 6 days of February, 1814.

Designed by Hall of Fame Napoleonic game designer Kevin Zucker, developed by Paul Dangel, the game comes with a standard 22" x 34" map by Rick Barber showing mud and snowy ground at 1,700 yards per hex, 280 counters, mostly division size units. One 24-pages rulebook with 6-pages of historical commentary by the designer and 1-page of Terrain Effects Chart included (hence the rules actually occupy only 17 pages).

The Six Days of Glory is an operational Napoleonic game. 3 short scenarios are included, covering the campaigns in three separate battles at three cities along the road to Paris: Champaubert (9~10 Feb); Montmirail (11~12 Feb) and Vauchamps (13~14 Feb), each playable in less than 1 ½ hours. A campaign scenario linking all three (9~14 Feb) battles from the beginning to the end can be completed in less than 3 hours.

The French moves first in all scenarios. The game has a standard command check – move – combat sequence with an additional night turn on each turn during which armies can force march to out maneuver the enemy. Features include Chain-of-Command and Leadership Initiative, Artillery Bombardment, Supply and demoralization, Repulse at odds greater than 5-to-1, Movement across Pontoon Trains and Bridges (Allied only), and an interesting weather effect of forced mud on wheeled unit during the afternoon (PM) turn. Team play is also possible where Allied command is divided between Prussian and Russian and thus communication between the two is not allowed unless written messages are exchanged.

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