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Uses the same game system as Invasion of Italy, Red Parachutes and Red Steel. As far as we know,... mehr
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Uses the same game system as Invasion of Italy, Red Parachutes and Red Steel. As far as we know, this is the first detailed treatment of the battles that, at last, stopped Erwin Rommel’s attempts to take the British position in the Nile delta. They also established Bernard Montgomery as the British general finally able to defeat the "Desert Fox."

Following the fall of Tobruk in May 1942, the Commonwealth forces in the desert struggled to reach the last real defensive position before Alexandria and halt what seemed to be an unstoppable Afrika Korps. At battalion and company level, four turns a day and 2 kilometers per hex, this game includes German, Italian, Indian, British, South African, New Zealand, Australian, Free French and Greek units that fought in the desperate struggle.

Scenarios include the Australian and South African spoiling attack in mid-July, the late June battle for the Mersa Matruh position where slow response almost cost the Commonwealth the bulk of the New Zealand Division, the first Axis attack on the Alamein line in early July, the last Axis attack to break the Allied line at Alam el Halfa at the end of August, Operation LIGHTFOOT: the Eighth Army’s attack against the Axis line in late October and the massive campaign from the end of June to the beginning of November 1942.

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