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AP: WWII at Sea: Imperial & Royal Navy

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When Austria-Hungary dissolved in November 1918, the remnants of her once-proud... mehr
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When Austria-Hungary dissolved in November 1918, the remnants of her once-proud fleet scattered among the victorious Allies, with most of the warships cut up for scrap within a few years. Had the empire somehow survived the Great War, through diplomatic or military means, she would have entered the crisis of 1939 as a considerable force at sea.

Imperial and Royal Navy is a Second World War at Sea supplement exploring the possibilities of this alternate history. Just like Panzer Grenadier: Iron Wolves, it comes as a PDF download: you get everything right away, but you will have to assemble the playing pieces yourself. It has everything you expect in a naval game supplement: scenarios, ship data sheets, and playing pieces.

The supplement includes ten scenarios, or separate game situations, based on battles that might have been waged by this unlikely fleet. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of Bomb Alley to enjoy most of the scenarios, and Eastern Fleet, Arctic Convoy and Bismarck to play all of them.

Imperial and Royal Navy was originally sold exclusively via PDF download. (The playing pieces are not die-cut-and-mounted, nor are the scenario book or the ship data printed. Instead it comes as a series of PDF files that will need to be assembled into the game's components.) It is now also available as a printed edition with die-cut counters.

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