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ASL: Total Axis Pack 2 - World Aflame

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  • CRH09074
The TOTAL AXIS PACK series continues with the second installment! That means you get TWELVE... mehr
Produktinformationen "ASL: Total Axis Pack 2 - World Aflame"

The TOTAL AXIS PACK series continues with the second installment! That means you get TWELVE MORE of the tense, unique, SSR-lite scenarios by some of the best designers in the hobby today.

As ‘Total War’ engulfed the world after 1939 one country after another was drawn into the conflict. Countries as far apart as Slovakia and China mobilized forces for war. MAPS are what CH is all about and TOTAL AXIS PACK II—A WORLD AFLAME continues the series and provides ANOTHER new map, the SEVENTH to date. What’s more, TOTAL AXIS PACK III is right around the corner and will provide another batch of scenarios for use with the TAP map collection. And don’t worry, you also get to bring out your geomorphic board collection for use with TAP scenarios too!

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of Beyond ValorTM and Armies of the OblivionTM are required to use this product. Ownership of TOTAL AXIS PACK I is mandatory, as are geomorphic boards 19, 42, 10, 21, 23, 41, 45, 46, 51, and Deluxe A. Ownership of CH’s JATKOSOTA: FINLAND AT WAR is also suggested.


    12 scenarios playable on the TAP map collection, the NEW map included, and your geomorphic boards;
    A color cover sheet;
    Informational back sheet;
    A handy ziploc® style bag to keep it all in.
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