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C3i: #27

C3i: #27
Sales price: 22,95 €
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27
C3i: #27

C3i Magazine, Nr27 will be a 64-page, full-color issue.

- Fire in the Lake – COIN Series in Vietnam A Fireside Chat with Game Designers Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke
- In Civil War Games There Should Be Ships, lots of Ships… or “Why Rebel Raiders on the High Seas Came To Be”
- Rebel Raiders on the High Seas: Players Notes
- Cuba Libre – COIN Series: Designer’s Notes, alt-History, and Variants
- Iron & Oak: Two New C3i Scenarios - Scenario C3i-1: Galveston – January 1863 - Scenario C3i-2: Cat-and-Mouse (hypothetical)
- The Battle of Dertosa (Ibera), 215 BC - C3i SPQR Deluxe Version GBoH Module
- Empire of the Sun: Fighting for a Negotiated Peace: Japanese Strategy against the Big Three
- Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game – States of Siege Series): Simulating The Russian Civil War
- Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game): How the Bolshevik Revolution Survived
- Panzer:Two New C3i Scenarios: Battle of Kovel, Part I, July 1944, Battle of Kovel, Part 2, July 1944
- Bloody April: New C3i Nr1 Scenario: 7 June 1917
- 4 new Combat Commander Scenarios


- Next War: Korea: New, updated Sequence of Play and accompanying article. New Streamlined Air Combat rules. A brand new, 3-player scenario, Collapse!, positing a North Korean disintegration and the Allies (US/ROK) and Chinese rushing in to capture Nuclear/Biological/Chemical sites and Urban areas. Inserts for all of the above. The New Countersheet included with C3i Magazine Nr27 includes 140 (1/2 inch) and 88 (5/8 inch) full color counters for such games as: Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game); Roads to Moscow; Eutaw/Guilford; Bloody April;Rebel Raiders on the High Seas; No Retreat North Africa; Mr Madison’s War; Cuba Libre; Oriskany; Alesia; Deluxe SPQR; Empire of the Sun; Andean Abyss; Iron & Oak; Devil’s Horsemen; Chariots of Fire; and Flying Colors

Complete Bonus Game Insert
Soviet Dawn: The Russian Civil War (States of Siege Series)
Color Mapsheet, Counters, Cards, Player Aids & Rulesbook


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