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Napoleon against Europe

Napoleon against Europe
Sales price: 59,00 €
Napoleon against Europe
Napoleon against Europe
Napoleon against Europe
Napoleon against Europe
Napoleon against Europe

In six rounds of play a year, the players must not only have a long term view of their objectives but must also demonstrate operational skill in the course of the campaigns: the importance of lines of communication will be fundamental to bringing their armies to the decisive battle! The game system takes account of forced marches, attrition, evasion, counter-marches and interceptions…

In an immense theatre of operations, each side will attempt to seize the initiative and each year equip forces allowing it to continue the struggle and to redeploy them with foresight before engaging in the operations phase: unhappy the player who fails to take into account the communication distances.

Against the operational excellence of the French, the Coalition must respond with a strategic long-term vision that will permit him to exhaust his foe.

Now, it is up to you to decided if l'Aiglon will be Napoléon II or the Duc de Reichstadt !

Game components

  • One large mounted map (96 cm × 67 cm),
  • 216 15mm die-cut counters,
  • 140 13mm die-cut counters,
  • 110 playing cards,
  • One full-colour rules booklet,
  • Game aids,
  • Two 6-side dice,
  • A sturdy box.


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