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Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle

Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle
Sales price: 75,00 €
Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle
Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle
Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle
Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle

Armored Knights, starts with Operation Gazelle, the battle of the Israeli offensive to cross the Suez Canal and invade Africa and cut off the Egyptian Army elements that were on the east side of the canal. This series focus is on combat at the battalion level on a scale that makes representing large battles real fun. It will also have its own innovative and unique way to handle the combat mutlipliers for engineers, anti-tank, intelligence, and recon elements. The players will find this does not always work the way they want and the support troops sometimes fail to do the mission they are assigned to do. They might even have a detrimental effect. Both players will be challenged from the start of the battle. The Egyptians will find that counter-attacking is very difficult as the higher command did not beleive what they were told about the Israeli positions on the west bank of the Suez Canal.  The Israelis will find that getting across the canal is one thing, holding the crossing is another, and spreading out across the west bank is another still.  Players will be rewarded for mixing the different combat support elements to enhance each attack or defense.

Look forward to seeing other games in this series dealing with Operations such as Crusader and Venezia.  Large scale operational battles in the Libyan desert during the Second World War in North Africa.

  • (8) 11" x 17" game maps of the Gazelle area
  • (4) Full Color Order of Battle Charts
  • 500 - 600 Die Cut counters and markers
  • Combat Tables and Charts
  • (2) 10 and (1) 6 Sided Dice
  • All major formations at battalion level and all supporting arms, such as anti-tank, engineer, and recon, modeled at the company level.
  • The easiest game yet by GSI to learn and play
  • Excellent Solitaire Play


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