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From Decision Games: The Magazine: Bastogne - Triumph of the US Military System:... more
Product information "World at War #56 - Bastogne"

From Decision Games:

The Magazine:

Bastogne - Triumph of the US Military System: In December 1944, Germany launched its last great offensive in the west. In the Belgian town of Bastogne, American forces would find themselves besieged in one of history's greatest battles.
Other Articles:

  • Military Intelligence in the Pacific: Military intelligence and codebreaking would play a vital role in the Allied fight against the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II.
  • Poland’s 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade in 1939: Opposed by traditional horsed cavalry advocates, Poland was late in forming motorized units. By 1939 the 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade was formed, just in time to counter the German invasion.
  • Operation Beowulf - The German Invasion of the Baltic Islands: Beowulf was a mythical hero who defeated the monster Grendel and became the King of the Geats. In 1941, Germany launched an operation named in his honor against Soviet forces in the Baltic Sea. Though little remembered, it was a highly effective military operation.

The Game:

Bastogne (Solitaire) is a wargame covering the German siege of the town of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, specifically the period 18-26 December when the town was surrounded. Bastogne Solo is based on Dien Bien Phu (Modern War #17), but there are some significant differences.
You (the player) command US forces, while the game system controls the Germans.
The game is a race against time. You must hold out until relieved by Patton’s Third Army. If not, the Germans take the town and possibly gain a better outcome for the Battle of the Bulge.
While a Solitaire game, Bastogne can also be played by two or more players, each taking charge of different aspects of the US defense. For example, one player can be overall commander, others command various defensive sectors, and another take charge of air and artillery.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.

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