Strategy & Tactics #328 - Vicksburg, 1863

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From the Publisher: The Magazine: Vicksburg: Joint Operations in the American Civil... more
Product information "Strategy & Tactics #328 - Vicksburg, 1863"

From the Publisher:

The Magazine:

Vicksburg: Joint Operations in the American Civil War: In July of 1863 two battles were fought which became recognized as decisive in the American Civil War. The first was fought at Gettysburg. The second was along the Mississippi, where General Ulysses S. Grant at the Gibraltar of the Confederacy—Vicksburg.

Other Articles:

-Sea Dragon Ascendant: In the first half of the 15th century, China deployed the most powerful naval force in the known world. Their huge fleet of ocean-going junks dominated the maritime enterprise of the Indian Ocean periphery from the South China Sea to the coasts of East Africa.
-The Armies Of The Ptolomies, 305–30 BC: The organization of the Ptolemaic army, like that of other Hellenistic armies, at first resembled that of the Macedonian army, but over time developed its own peculiarities.
-Destination Cambrai: At a time when France was facing disaster from the German blitzkrieg, the French launched an attack at Cambrai intended to join pincers in the rear of the German “panzer corridor.” Command hesitation and the scattering of French motorized forces turned it into a story of what might have been.

The Game:

Vicksburg: The Assault On Stockade Redan (May 19th & 22nd 1863) is a two-player tactical wargame simulating the two Union assaults upon the Stockade Redan defensive position situated at the northeastern corner of the Vicksburg perimeter. The Union player must assault and capture the imposing Stockade Redan earthworks that overlook Graveyard Road leading into Vicksburg (unquestionably the most defensible position encompassing the city). The Confederate player must defend the Redan against the two historical assaults that attempted to take it (both failed with heavy casualties to the Union). Capturing the Redan does not automatically assure a Union victory. If and when the first or second Union assault succeeds, the players must then consult the Gettysburg Matrix to determine if the impending collapse of Vicksburg will prevent Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North by compelling Jefferson Davis (who viewed Vicksburg as critical to the South’s survival) to refuse Lee’s risky plan to invade Pennsylvania, changing the course of the war. Scale: Each game turn is equal to 5 to 10 minutes of real time. Each hex represents 12.5 yards (22.8 meters). Each unit-counter represents a company or regiment, depending on the unit type.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 228 counters.

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